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    Fiberglass Gridding cloth weaving machine

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    Fiberglass Gridding cloth weaving machine

    Product specialty: high product efficiency,good quality,little waste material,breadth can reach 2300mm,the machine work steadily,low noise,use to wind the gridding cloth.

    Mostly technique parameter:

    The width:2300mm                  

    rotate speed:110-170R.P.M

    The power:1.5kw( 8grade)720 R.P.M

    exteriorsize:lengthxwidthxhigh 4850x1827x2120mm

    day output:120-150m2/hour

    electricity control: P.L.C

    the total machine weight:1900kg



    Wire re-winding nachine

    apply range:fiberglass,single wire imbue fiber,stick wall cloth in-and-out,SBS waterproof wrap cloth,roving cloth without alkali,head preservation cloth,plain windowscreening and so on tidy up request about fiberglass.

    Technique character:work simpleness,technique advance,can finish longitude and axis together,with self-acting truncation machine,with electricity box,ensure the quality of longitude and axis,smooth cloth cover and equality.

    Specification: the mostly machine breadth(2.3m),can product according to the clients’ request.

    Yarn shelf:length4.85m,width 0.90m,high 2.0m

    Ingot quantity:960

    Together weight:500kg

    Machine head:width 4.0m,high1.0m,length1.5m

    Electricity machine:3kilowatt timing

    250 type slowdown machine:1:31.5


    Together weight:1500kg

    Occupy room:4x12m



    Fiberglass griding coating machine


    The series products:use to stick wall cloth、gridding cloth and all kinds of glass cloth in-and-out, glue,drying,finalize the design,cut side or chop in the weidth and length that need.After fabric molding,no displacement,no fixdness.coal char bake cloth machine, mesh coating and forming machine,with temperature control machine,counter.the day output can provide 5desk weave machine.

    Mostly parameter:

    Inside width: 1.2m

    Oven exterior size:length 8m,width1.5m,thickness 0.70m


    Machine head: width1.8m,length 1.4m.

    Electricity machine: 22kilowatt timing

    80 type slow-down machine

    Lead wind machine:2.2 kilowatt

    Machine trail:width1.4m,length1.5m


    Occupy room:3x18m

    Label: crimped wire mesh machine、 reverse twist hexagonal mesh machine、 gabion mesh machine、 Hexagonal mesh machine、 Razor barbed wire machine、 expanded mesh machine、 Full automatic chain link fence machine、 welded mesh machine in roller、 welded panel mesh machine、

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