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    Wire mesh machinery manufacturer

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    Anping Shenghua screen specializing in the production of diamond mesh machine, huangtongwang machine, welding machine, barbed wire machine, six angle machine, punching net machine, crimped wire mesh machine, shuttleless weaving machine, machine, template net machine, razor wire gauze machine, machine, plate corner network machine, welding machine the stone cage nets, screen machines and other machinery, variety, complete specifications, welcome customers to contact us!

    Automatic huangtongwang machine features:

    With the NC wire breaking, the distance of wire cutting can be automatically broken only by inputting the cutting distance on the NC Electric box. Based on the electromagnetic clutch brake, CNC wire breaking and brake together, effectively improve the production efficiency, and save a lot of manpower, simple operation, easy to master, a multi machine operation. Artificial crochet, mesh, hem.

    Anping Shenghua metal wire mesh products factory is located in Anping County, the famous "silk village" - Hebei Province, is a collection of web design, screen production machinery manufacturing professional manufacturers. Convenient transportation, timely delivery, there is a need to contact us, we look forward to your call!

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